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Amy Toensing – Going Outside Your Comfort Zone

By Leujay Cruz on May 16th 2014

Amy Toensing - Going Outside Your Comfort Zone-1

As the peak of the wedding season approaches, like many wedding photographers, I find myself reaching to find every piece of inspiration I can. I frequently refer to my favorite photographers, Jerry Ghionis, Roberto Valenzuela, Susan Stripling, among many others. I also dig into the renaissance artists like Boticelli, Raphael, and of course, Da Vinci.

Any element that can ignite inspiration, I embrace. The pose of the human form, the composition in a painting, or the light illuminating a subject – all provide me with new material to create and produce beautiful images. With our studio, Lin & Jirsa, scheduled to photograph eight weddings tomorrow along with two other pre-wedding events, I’m prepping myself as best as I can to bring my “A” game.

A strong part of my photography skill set is the extension of my psychological understanding of myself, my clients and their families and friends. A little piece of inspiration I’d like to share with you guys is a video that speaks on vulnerability and releasing yourself from your comfort zone.



Amy Toensing - Going Outside Your Comfort Zone-2

Amy Toensing is a photojournalist and regular contributor for National Geographic magazine. For over a dozen years, she’s traveled the world and had the pleasure to experience several different cultures. In the video below, she speaks about being an invader as a photographer, breaking free from her challenges, repeatedly humbling herself.

When we look at images, we understand something about the world. It’s always in the context of ourselves, it’s a universal language.


Harry and Doug Odom turn in beneath each other's portraits while their dog, Taxi, keeps watch. Nov 27, 1999 - Monhegan Island, Maine

Harry and Doug Odom turn in beneath each other’s portraits while their dog, Taxi, keeps watch. Nov 27, 1999 – Monhegan Island, Maine

As you pack your bags tonight, check your chargers, clean your lenses and look over your client’s notes (and take Facebook and SLR Lounge breaks), check out this video below and happy shooting this weekend!


via National Geographic

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Leujay is a full time wedding photographer with Lin & Jirsa Photography and a freelance runway fashion photographer. He currently lives in Palm Desert with his wife and two dogs. When he’s not enjoying quality family time he fancies himself as a work-in-progress world traveler.

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