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Exquisite 4K Timelapse Of New Zealand Part 2 | Amplitude

By Kishore Sawh on May 11th 2014


Beauty, is really a term bathed in ambiguity. Some say it’s in the eye of the beholder, some argue that there are standards, and some can find beauty in the desperately ugly. As photographers we are sort of hedonists of beauty, looking for it everywhere we go, and in everything we see. I think it’s a safe bet to say we fit into that last category quite often; we can, through our pictures, still and moving, represent a scenario that may be ugly or unpleasant and give to it a sense of romance, and there is beauty to be found in that. Nelson Mandela, in a letter to his daughter once said,

Good use of photography can give even poverty with all its rags, filth and vermin, a measure of divineness rarely noticeably in real life.

Oh, doesn’t that sort of hit the on the head. It also begs to be asked, if we can do that with what is inherently unappealing, what can we do with what is, naturally…. gorgeous? You only need to look as far as this page to have a glimmer. Martin Heck and Timestorm Films recently left us with our mouths open in awe of ‘Awakening,’ the 4K video time-lapse of New Zealand’s filmic landscapes. As part 1 of 4, we knew we had more to look forward to, and ‘Amplitude,’ has just been released as part 2.



It along with it’s counterparts were shot over 4 months, “driving through amazing scenery, sleeping in caves under a sky of glowworms…” and processing and editing of it all was done in Lightroom 5, LRTimelapse, After Effects and Premiers Pro CS6, and you can see the full gear list below.

[REWIND: Brilliant 4K Timelapse of New Zealand, Awakening]

Thoughts & Gear List

As I sit here watching this for the third time on a big 27 inch display, and re-watching ‘Awakening’, with a Fujifilm X-E2 within arms reach, I have a distinct urge to shut the damn iMac off, grab the camera and get out. This is how I know this short film is so good, aside from the fact that you can tell each section of this time-lapse was approached with meticulous care – It’s provoking me to move. To get out and shoot. There’s not much else to say but enjoy. You can follow Martin on Vimeo, and Facebook for more.


Source: Martin Heck’s Vimeo (Images are screen captures from said video)

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