Welcome to the live series we’re doing every two weeks on Profoto’s Instagram called “Slice of Pye”. We’ll be covering a myriad of topics, discussing lighting principles, and showcasing a ton of Profoto gear in action over the course of the next year so please join us over on IG Live!

Tune in to our next episode: January 8th at 2 PM PST!

In this episode, we’ll show you how to create both natural and dramatic looking imagery with an off-camera flash in broad daylight. See just how powerful and versatile your on-camera flash can be. Watch the full episode below:


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Special thanks to Jae our model for helping us out in this episode, you can follow him on Instagram here. In case you missed our last episode, you can watch them all on the Profoto IGTV channel! Let’s dive into learning some on-camera flash techniques.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Slice of Pye, please feel free to share or re-watch the IGTV video at any time to reference the material we covered! For more tutorials and lessons on the fundamentals of lighting, check out our Flash Photography Training System!