As we all know, being a photographer in this digital age can be quite consuming as far as data goes. Camera Manufacturers are packing more and more megapixels into our sensors and this file sizes are getting larger and larger. Not only is storing these files on your workstation a pain, but you also need a decent backup solution since if your main drive crashes you could completely lose your work.

That’s what makes deals like the one I am about to share with you that much more appealing. Amazon is currently running an killer deal on 3TB Seagate external harddrives for only $110! It’s a great deal for anyone looking for some more storage space, or for some more backup storage space.

You can get the deal on Amazon here.


It is worth noting though that if you are looking into this as a backup solution a single external drive is not the be all end all of backups. It could still crash, short out, or die in some way shape or form. It is recommended that you keep backups in at least two places. In my case I have my files on my main workstation, an external harddrive and a second external harddrive that I keep in an offsite location.

But hurry, this deal won’t last forever  so grab some more storage and at great price too!