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Amazing 360 Degree Bullet Time Light Painting by Patrick Rochon

December 16th 2012 4:10 PM

The 24×360 project is an amazing marriage of light painting photography and 360-degrees camera photography. In order to create this, Patrick Rochon, Timecode Lab, and Eric Paré, used a circular rig with 24 cameras attached to it to shoot the light-painting sequence. After capturing the image from each camera, the team then constructed a 360-degree interactive image like the video below.

24×360 from Timecode Lab on Vimeo.

Here is a shot of the rig used for the project.

And here are a selection of the 360 gallery. To view more, you can visit the 24×360 gallery.

To learn more about light painting, you can check out Patrick’s video on this technique:

Thanks to iso1200 for the link!


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  1. Ofer

    gear specs ?

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    • Stephane

      Hi Ofer,
      I’m Stephane from Timecode Lab.
      These are all Canon EOS T3

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