Aputure announced the world’s first 95+ CRI rated ring flash, the Amaran Halo H100, today.  The Amaran Halo H100 is basically an improved version of their original Halo ring flash with the increased CRI rating making it a must have for “color critical” photo and video projects.

If you are unfamiliar the Halo is an LED flash ring light that can also double as a continuous light for video work. The unit can be attached to the front of your lens, like ring flash units are traditionally mounted, or it can be attached to the battery pack which site on your camera hot shoe like a traditional speedlight.


The unit does not work with TTL, so it is all manual but this 5500k dimable LED light ring looks like a great buy! Especially at only $49, this should be in your bags if you have any sort of need for a ring light. (It even comes with 8 lens adapter rings so this really should fit on almost any lens that you have in your arsenal)

You can find out more on this unit from the Aputure website or through amaran halo ahl-h100.

[via Lighting Rumors]