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Monitor Color Calibration Using Photoshop

By Lauren Kermelis on November 17th 2013

Introduction to Color Calibration with Photoshop

Early on in every photographers career, we learn of the important factor that screen calibration plays into the outcome of our photos. It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to our final products, especially our prints. Programs for calibration can be expensive, and many photographers, especially ones starting out don’t always have the financial resources for these tools.

[REWIND: “Review:X-Rite Color Checker Passport“]

Thanks to H&H Color Lab, we now have an alternate way to monitor color calibration by using some basic tools within Adobe Photoshop, and combining them, to validate accurate color calibration.

Color Calibration Using Photoshop


As outlined (in a more detailed manner) in the video, there are three main combined steps that yield accurate color quality. H&H does a great job of explaining how a combined use of histogram readings, with color sampling, bracketing, and specific RGB values, will help you to get a more accurate result, without the use of expensive tools.



H&H has done it again when it comes to offering great tips and ideas for photographers. Their attitude of service and quality has been a key staple in their continuing success as a company.

[via “H&H Colorlab“]

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. ruddy juddy

    Well color calibration plays really an important factor in editing the Photoshop Online Free photos.

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  2. Adam

    Was she using the word “monitor” in the verb sense?

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  3. Birdy

    I agree with B!

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  4. Don Sheffler

    OK, sorry guys but this is not “Color Calibration” – This video shows you how to check for proper exposure of your image for printing, using tools in Photoshop, even if you do not have a properly calibrated monitor. However, it has NOTHING to do with color calibration. You might want to come up with another heading for this very badly titled article, and change that facebook link.

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  5. John

    Really interesting tips, thank you!

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  6. Piotr

    So how is the monitor color profile diffrent after I check my histogram in photoshop? And how does 600$ photoshop is cheaper method than for exemple 120$ spyder datacolor 4?

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  7. B

    I feel quite unhappy with this articles extremely misleading heading. There is nothing about monitor calibration in the video, instead it is simply showing how to check exposure levels in an image for printing, a process most already know. ‘alternate-cheap-method-monitor-calibration-using-photoshop’ -I hope you feel a little embarrassed about your cheap-attention-seeking-view-hoaring-headlines.

    Perhaps the information in the article would be helpful for some people, but those people are here because of the title, and you’ve failed to deliver.

    How about taking the road of producing good content, with accurate titles, and attracting people that way? I will be removing my like from your facebook page.

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