I think it’s hard to deny the advantages of being able to view and control your camera via WiFi. My Canon 6D has WiFi functionality, though my EOS M does not. It is great being able to control my camera via my tablet or mobile phone – this functionality for a DSLR or other ILC is great.

But what about your phone? What if you wanted to control your phone camera remotely? Well, now there is an app for that. Seriously.

Airsnap Control Your iPhone Camera Remotely


Airsnap is a new feature for iOS devices, integrated into the Camera Plus app, which allows you to control the camera of one iOS device with another iOS device. The whole concept seems rather silly to me, but I guess if you wanted to take a group shot with your phone and you had one of those neat little phone tripods from Joby, then this could be a great help.

The app is simple enough, you just load the Camera Plus onto both devices, set one as the trigger and one as the camera. The controls available to your are about the same as you would expect with a basic camera control app, you can choose which camera to use, see what it sees, and decide what to use flash or not.

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The app is not free though, and will cost you $0.99, meaning that in order to use the app on both your devices you are down at least $2. Not a terrible cost or anything, but I am still left shaking my head at this whole concept. Just use a camera app on your iOS device that has a timer, problem solved.

This is not something that I would spend money on, but it may be something that you are interested in. You can find out more about the Camera Plus app with Airsnap from the Apple App Store.