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Affordable, Handy, Brilliant – Another Must-Have Tool: Quiklips Review

By Michelle Ford on July 9th 2014

Card wallet, bounce card, battery case, these are just some of the things I had listed as items under $40 that improve your photography workflow. I just found a new item to add to the list, Quiklips belt clips!


I stumbled upon this handy little gadget purely by accident and my curiosity was peaked immediately. As most of you know, I have transitioned from carrying gear on my shoulders and moved it to my hips instead by using the Think Tank Modular belt system and the Spider Holster. I love this combination and it’s made a huge impact on my performance and stamina on long days. One of my issues with it is that I really have to make a conscious decision about what I carry on my body. I only have so much room and right now, that includes whatever can fit in 3 lens pouches and whatever I physically carry in my hand. Sometimes this means that a flash isn’t always handy or within reach. The Quiklip belt clip gave me a quick and affordable way to resolve this issue.




It’s So Simple

Quiklip is comprised of two parts: a belt clip and a little nub that attaches to your flash with a powerful adhesive (sticker). The nub, once adhered to your flash, acts as a hook that you can then hang off the belt clip. Attach it to your belt, your bag, or to whatever you want to clip it on to and it instantly expands your carrying power. It doesn’t occupy that much space and it makes your gear so much more accessible. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant!

It’s Secure

People have asked me if I’m at all worried about the strength on the adhesive that attaches the nub to my flash. I watched the video on their site and according to one of the creators, Dave Cheung, they’ve been using them since 2005 with no failures. I’ve been using them for 3 months now on my Canon 580exII and my Phottix Mitros+ flashes and have been checking on that adhesive connection constantly. Really, it’s attached quite securely. No issues there.

The belt clip also has a secure lock feature. Once the nub slides into what is essentially a holster, a lock mechanism keeps it from popping out. You have to put your finger on a release button to slide the hook back out.




There’s not much more to say about this gadget other than, you should go out and buy them. I love them so much I’m trying to think of how else I can use them. I’ve already attached them to my Phottix Odin trigger so I can have that handy all the time too. Needless to say, this item gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me.


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Michelle is a Southern California Portrait and Wedding Photographer. When she’s not geeking out with a camera she’s nerding out in her IT world. All other moments in the day are spent with her two wonderful children.

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  1. Manfred Winter

    There is already the Monkey from Spider Holster! This one seems like a (not even cheap) rip-off?

    | |
    • Austin Swenson

      When I actually saw the spider holster clips for the first time, I actually thought they were a much better built rip-off of these cell phone clip looking things, but everyone does have a different budget for photo gear.

      | |
    • Sean Holder

      I think both the Monkey and this one are the perfect money maker, Spyder put their logo on theirs just to make it look like they invented something….just upset I didn’t think of it first. I get the exact same ones off for $5.00.

      | |
  2. Peter-Jon Harding

    I can see this being very useful.

    | |
  3. Phil Bautista

    Does the flash still fit in its pouch even with the nub stuck on?

    | |
  4. Kristian Charnick

    That adhesive worries me. Stickers are always sticky…until they aren’t.

    | |
  5. Anthony McFarlane

    Good idea. Has anyone had issues with flash modifiers? I recently started using the madmod, along with gary fond spheres and others I am just worried about the adhesive losing grip…

    | |
    • Michelle Ford

      i’ve had it on for a while now on all my flashes and it’s hot out here in cali. btw, not that i’m leaving my gear out to bake in extreme heat .. no issues with the adhesive at all.

      as far as modifiers, i don’t hang the flash w modifiers attached other than gels and my demb. things like the fong would be bulky and wouldn’t let the flash sit easily against the body.

      | |
  6. Joe Marshall

    These are pretty cool. I’m sure the company that made these for flip phones in the 90’s has plenty of these hanging around :)

    | |
    • Austin Swenson

      I agree, it looks like someone found a way to repurpose these things for use as camera accessories without having to spend a ton on production, but then again, jerry rigging things is how a lot of us get by in a pinch, myself included

      | |
  7. James Matthews

    What a great idea! Does it have the same 3M design like the hooks where you can pull the adhesive down so it quickly comes off the device or is it more of a permanent fixture where you need rubbing alcohol to get the sticky part off?

    | |
  8. Nick Viton

    Interesting, but not for me. In addition to concerns about adhesion, I’m not sure I like the look of gear hanging from my belt. Ever notice noone clips their BlackBerrys to their belts anymore, like they used to back in 2007?

    | |
    • Michelle Ford

      too funny Nick. Actually, I still care about my fashion foot moving forward but I equally care about quick access and saving my shoulders from carrying too many things.

      | |
    • Nick Viton

      Ha Michelle, whatever – you look good in anything!

      | |
    • Michelle Ford

      nick viton i’m voting in extra bonus points for you on that comment ;)

      | |

    i already love it

    | |
  10. Miguel Chavez

    Wow that’s great… buying one soon! Thanks Michelle you posts are always enjoyable!

    | |