While the FAA tries sort out the guidelines and laws surrounding where people can fly their unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, data analysts Bobby Sudekum and Amy Lee have developed a helpful interactive map using Mapbox showing places across the US where you cannot fly a drone.

While the commercial use of drones is completely banned, for the hobbyist, there are three places that are always prohibited and designated no fly zones- military bases, national parks and within a 5 mile radius of medium to large airports. Now, by using Don’t Fly Drones Here, you can quickly locate on the map the areas where you cannot take your quadcopter.


This list isn’t comprehensive, as it doesn’t include local bans, but the map is a good guideline to help you stay on this side of the law – just be sure to check if your city has its own regulations.  “There are still many uncertainties around where and how one can fly a remotely operated aircraft. This map is a just a start,” says the creator. The map is an open source project so people are invited to add their no fly regions on the site’s public Github repository.

[via PopPhoto]