A Message from Pye and Our Team: In Response to COVID-19

25 Oct 2020

The community is our priority at SLR Lounge, and we are dedicated to maintaining your trust. Our editorial staff is required to follow these guidelines to maintain the integrity of our content and the reliability of our advice and education.

General Content Guidelines

Our goal is to provide our community with the best education, advice and news. In order to do so, our writers and editors are committed to presenting accurate, well-researched, and relevant information in our content. We are also committed to honesty and transparency when making recommendations or giving advice.

Sponsored Content

From time to time, we accept sponsored content from advertisers. When we publish select sponsored content, we abide by the following rules:

  • We remain truthful in our claims, statements, and recommendations.
  • We only publish sponsored content on products that we already use or would use as working photographers.
  • We only publish sponsored content on products and companies with a good reputation and with direct relevance to our community.
  • We label sponsored content as such in the article and on social media.
  • We do not accept compensation for reviews, and sponsored content will not be labeled as a review.

product Reviews

SLR Lounge and our writers do not accept financial consideration from individuals or companies to write reviews, whether favorable or unfavorable. The majority of the gear reviewed is received on loan from retailers like B&H and sometimes directly from the manufacturer. Our reviews are truthful and unbiased, regardless of our relationship with the manufacturer or its representatives.

When a review item comes directly from the manufacturer, we may agree to keep the review item. This allows our writers to test the product or software over time and update the review if necessary, as durability and reliability over time are important in the photography industry. When we keep the products reviewed, we clearly disclose this information within the article. We also never sell, license, or otherwise create a financial return from these products. Whether the review item is kept or sent back, the opinions and recommendations remain truthful and accurate.

Affiliate Links

Some of our content may include affiliate links to products, services, and software. In some instances, we make a commission if a user clicks on these links and completes a purchase. These affiliate links do not increase the prices our users pay; and in some instances, they decrease the prices by amounts negotiated by us on behalf of our community.

Affiliate links do not affect the truthfulness or accuracy of the information presented.