In one of our most popular start-to-finish tutorials from our premium workshop “Lighting 3 | Advanced Off-Camera Flash,” we show you how to use multiple “stacked” flashes to refine and perfect your image. You can gain FREE 48-hour access to this flash tutorial by clicking here or the button below.

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Why “Stack” 2 Flashes?

While the final images can be created with one powerful light source, the beauty behind this flash tutorial is adding a level of finesse and production value to your image.

First Light Source = Fill the Scene

The first light source is used to provide controlled, directional light for the scene. Many photographers stop here and take it straight to Photoshop. But we teach you that there is so much more you can do.

Second Light Source = Add Dimension

The second light source, “stacked ” in front of the first, adds dimension, shape, and in-camera dodging and burning. This perfects the image and leaves the viewer wondering, “how did they do that?”. Creating this level of ligthing is what differentiates a beginner from a master.

This technique results in the image below, straight out of camera (before any post-production).

Final Images from Flash Tutorial

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