We have been talking for a while about releasing DVDs for our Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. Well, it has begun! Here is how it is going to work. You asked for it and we created it! Here is our first DVD featuring our Lightroom Weekly Edits. Our goal with this project was to create an intuitive, clear, applicable, and affordable resource.

Basic Info for DVD

What it is: A Compliation of Advanced Lightroom Editing Tutorials, otherwise known as the Weekly Lightroom Edits with Post Production Pye
What it Includes: 20 Video Tutorials and Full Exercise Files for your practice, including the finished Lightroom Catalog
Who It’s For: This DVD is intended for those interested in learning advanced techniques for Adobe Lightroom.
Format: Digital Download (1.5GBs)
Price: $29 – While we could charge much more, we wanted this resource to be extremely affordable.

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Table of Contents

Episode 01 – Vibrant and Poppy Sunsets
Episode 02 – Dramatic Black and White Landscapes
Episode 03 – Moody Silhouettes
Episode 04 – Vintage Cross Processed Tilt Shift Effect
Episode 05 – 1970 Vintage Time Magazine-Nat Geo Effects
Episode 06 – Sunset Silouettes
Episode 07 – Creative Coloring to Enhance Landscapes
Episode 08 – Selective Coloring
Episode 09 – Timeless Vintage Black and White
Episode 10 – Poppy Vivid Sunset Portrait
Episode 11 – Portrait Series I Part 1 of 3 – Standard Color Correction
Episode 12 – Portrait Series I Part 2 of 3 – Portrait Retouch & Detail Enhancement
Episode 13 – Portrait Series I Part 3 of 3 – Vintage Cross Processed Portraits
Episode 14 – Portrait Series II Part 1 of 2 – Standard Color Correction
Episode 15 – Portrait Series II Part 2 of 2 – Portrait Retouch and Detail Enhancement
Episode 16 – Bright Vintage Edit with only JPEGs
Episode 17 – Hollywood Teal Effect – Orange Split Toning Edit
Episode 18 – Vintage FAded Black and White Edit
Episode 19 – Creative Coloring to Enhance Landscapes part 2
Episode 20 – Vibrant and Pop Detail Shots

Overview of DVD vs Free Tutorials

Don’t worry, we will still be releasing our free tutorials for those of you that are students, or those that can’t or don’t want to purchase a DVD. However, there will be a few differences.

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1) Faster Access

time-clock Tutorials from the DVD will still be posted online, however we will be posting a maximum of 1 – 2 tutorials from each category (Photoshop/Lightroom) per week. So for example, this 20 episode Lightroom DVD will be released over the coarse of 20 weeks. In addition, you won’t have to go searching through each post or through the YouTube Channel since all your tutorials will be in one location.

2) All Exercise Files

From here on out, exercise files will only be available to those that purchase DVDs. You are still welcome to follow free tutorials using your own exercise files, however, to follow tutorials exactly and gain access to the tutorial exercise files you must purchase the DVD.

3) Added Shortcut Tooltips

Purchased DVDs will contain in-video tooltip displays that will show the actual shortcuts for both Mac and Windows while we are working through each tutorial. Free online tutorials do not contain the in-video tooltip information when shortcuts are used. To see a screen shot of what an actual tooltip looks like, click here.

4) Full 1080p Resolution

All tutorials purchased on DVDs will be in Full 1080p Resolution and will be much higher quality. This will make it possible to expand the video size to see all of the details in the video much more clearly. Currently, free online Photoshop and Lightroom videos on our YouTube Channel are uploaded at a much lower quality and at only 720p resolution.

5) No Advertising

Purchased DVDs will contain no in-video advertising. As most of you already know, to offset the costs of production and web-hosting, free online tutorials on the SLR Lounge YouTube page have a brief amount of advertisements prior to each video.

What Are You Waiting For?

As always, our goal at SLR Lounge is to create incredible and affordable resources for you all. While we could charge much more, we want everyone to be able to afford our products. So if you enjoy SLR Lounge, please help support us continue in creating wonderful educational content for photographers. Thank you!

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