Looking for a little extra inspiration this weekend? Well, we’ve got some good news. Adorama has released its latest AdoramaTV series, “Shooting for Everest with Renan Ozturk.” The five-episode series provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at renowned filmmaker and photographer Renan Ozturk’s preparation for a Mt. Everest climbing expedition.

“In addition to providing gear for the Mt. Everest expedition, Adorama had the amazing opportunity to come alongside one of our ambassadors and capture a rarely seen viewpoint of what it’s actually like in the months before a monumental climb,” said Mary-Irene Marek, Director of Content and Social Media for Adorama. “The series goes behind-the-scenes and explores Ozturk’s physical and mental preparation, as well as selecting the right technical and camera gear to be able to capture photography stills and video footage for National Geographic. Filled with breathtaking visuals and inspirational stories, this series will surely motivate audiences to #CreateNoMatterWhat.”

Shooting for Everest Episode 4

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In the first episode, “Chapter One: Motivation,” Ozturk attempts to answer the difficult question of why he chooses to go to the death zone and put himself through the grueling process of climbing Mt. Everest. Additional episodes will give insight into every step he took to prepare for the trip, including Nutrition, Exercise, Camera Gear, and Technical Gear.

“Prepping for our National Geographic Everest expedition was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done technically, mentally and physically,” said Renan Ozturk. “In the middle of the actual moment, I was lucky to have Adorama come out to share an honest look into the process with this series.”

During the expedition, Ozturk captured still photography for a feature story in National Geographic Magazine’s July issue, as well as directed the documentary “Lost On Everest” that aired on National Geographic TV.

New episodes of “Shooting for Everest” will be released every Sunday at 10AM ET. To watch and subscribe to AdoramaTV, visit www.youtube.com/adoramaTV.

Shooting For Everest with Renan Ozturk

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