Nothing has been quite as polarizing over the last year in the photographic community as Adobe’s announcement of the Creative Cloud. You either loved the idea or you hated it. I personally fell into the “loved it” camp simply because it gave me access to programs that I would not have had otherwise.


Many of you have voiced your intense dislike for the cloud subscription model. It appears  though, despite the very vocal group of professionals against the cloud, that the new model is excelling.

Adobe is now claiming that there are roughly 1.8 million subscribers to the Creative Cloud. According to the recently released financial report, Creative Cloud subscriptions over the last 4 months have increased by 405,000 alone. The report also states that nearly one half of Adobe’s revenue from Q1 came from their subscription based services, Creative Cloud being the primary one. That is roughly 500 million, but who’s counting?

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So, the Creative Cloud is thriving, and while that is good news for those of us who support it, it is bad news for those of you refusing to switch. According to a report on ZDnet, Adobe Executives will look to funnel more of their CS6 customers into the subscription-based Creative Cloud in 2014. How? By ceasing to update CS6 further. As more and more features are added to Creative Cloud, it makes CS6 look more and more out of date, until eventually users of CS6 will be forced to find other programs or upgrade to the Creative Cloud.

What are your thoughts on this news? Does it surprise you that the Creative Cloud is thriving? How about you CS6 holdouts, what are your thoughts on this?

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