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Adobe Uses Stereotypical Stock Photos As Face of Clothing Line

By Shivani Reddy on September 15th 2016

What’s old has now become new – 90’s fashion styles cycling back into trend, film cameras making their way back to the hearts of many, instant polaroids being all the rage – everything just gets an upgrade, but at its core it’s a remnant of the past.

In promotion for their new royalty-free image service, Adobe cheekily launched an Adobe Stock Apparel, a clothing collection showcasing old stock photos to contrast “what once was”.



Much to our dismay, these assorted sweatshirts baring clichéd stock images aren’t for sale, but instead are at the forefront of a direct marketing campaign targeted to a business minded audience looking to upgrade their site’s stock imagery. Ad agency Abby Priest’s Creative Director, Oskar Hellqvist, “…wanted to pay tribute to what has been before, and then take one last glimpse backwards, before we leave it all behind and move into the new age” (Adweek). Who knew that that group of co-workers surrounding a computer, all equally ecstatic by what’s on the screen, would come back to haunt us in such an unexpected way.

Some stock images have earned their place in the history books—classic motifs that have been overused and established as hilarious clichés, known, loved and/or hated by all. … Turning them into a limited-edition clothing line is our way to salute them and an attempt to create something disruptive and unconventional in the genre. –Oskar Hellqvist


The Stock library consists of over 50 million photos, videos, and illustrations at your disposal with over 45,000 being added daily by the “world’s largest creative community”. With numbers like that, it’s safe to say these older stock photos have no place in the future for businesses and will be a matter of the past in no time.

Their lookbook consists of an assortment of ‘goodies’ ranging from:






You can start a free trial with Adobe Stock and get 50 images free.

Source: AdWeek

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