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Adobe to reveal new Photoshop and Creative Cloud features today

By Matthew Saville on December 11th 2012

Momentarily, Adobe will have a live event to reveal and showcase their latest upcoming features for Photoshop and “Creative Cloud” editing.

Click HERE to watch the event momentarily!


Or, for  those of you with better things to do on a weekday morning LOL, here’s a brief summary of Adobe’s plans for the near future:

  • Cloud FTW!
    Adobe is pushing hard in the direction of cloud-based, subscription-based software usage.  Within a few years I’m sure we’ll all have a monthly “Photoshop bill”, just like our cell phone bill and our internet / TV etc…  Good idea / bad idea?  I’m not sure yet, but as a post-production and workflow specialist myself, I’m already doomed to upgrade to every single new version of Photoshop and Lightroom, because of how they cease adding new camera support within weaks of each new full version release.  (Now, just ~6-12 months after the announcement and release of the Canon 5D Mk3 and Nikon D800, Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 are already totally useless to me, even though Lightroom 3 was WAY faster than Lightroom 4, and Photoshop CS6 contains absolutely ZERO useful updates compared to Photoshop CS5, at least for my line of work.)

    But seriously folks, there are a few cool things about Cloud computing.  Adobe will finally allow you to purchase a version of software and distribute it to an entire team, and not only that but you will be able to manage the parameters  of that software remotely, and activate / de-activate users as well.  This sounds like a great idea for managing large teams of editors who need to have all the same tools at their disposal.
    Also, Adobe will be improving it’s online storage offerings slowly with each new update.  Their next update will only include 20 GB of personal storage or 100 GB of team storage, but I’m sure that will become TB / unlimited within a few years…

  • More power, and hopefully more speed
    Let’s face it, we’re still addicted to megapixels.  36 megapixel RAW / JPG files are not Photoshop’s best friend, espeically when you save them as a PSD with a dozen or so layers for retouching and stuff.  4K video is just a few years away, too, and we’re becoming quite addicted to 3D movies…   I just hope that Adobe can keep up with all this, and deliver software that can perform as fast as programs like Lightroom 3 used to with my ~12 megapixel RAW files.  Because honestly, time is money!  The next version of Photoshop will contain plenty of upgrades to handle these new things such as video editing and 3D rendering; I just hope they can run efficiently.  :-)
  •  Conditional Actions?
    Whoa, something unique and useful, finally!  This sounds really nifty; basically now you can tell Photoshop to only do certain tasks if a certain requirement is met.  This will definitely be a time-saver in situations such as cropping, re-sizing, and transforming where you previously had to perform tasks on a per-image basis…  This is one feature I’m actually looking forward to.  :-)

So, there you have it!   What do you think?  Are we getting sucked into yet another consumer rut, another monthly bill?

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  1. Andrea

    But …. is it just me, or in PS6 is still missing the most awaited feature : the “image stabilization” plugin that was a real mouth watering feature to fix those too-in-a-hurry blurred pictures ?

    | |