I own a Chromebook, I know many other who own Chromebooks, and what is probably the most common complaint that I hear? “I can’t use (insert favorite/work related software here) on my Chromebook.” Well, my dear friends, that is about to change… at least in regards to Photoshop and other Adobe products.


Adobe has announced the start of their long awaited cloud based beta for Photoshop on Chromebook. The new beta is only open to Adobe Education Exchange members that meet certain criteria, but if you want to apply and see if you can get access, you can do so on Adobe’s website here.

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One might wonder about the computing power of these Chromebooks when running Photoshop, but that is the glory of the cloud based setup. All of the hard work is being done by Adobe’s big expensive server farms, not your meager Chromebook. So performance, at least once the kinks are worked out, should be comparable to what you would experience on a standard desktop or laptop device.

As an owner of a Chromebook, this greatly excites me, as one of the biggest things that has been preventing me from using it regularly has been the lack of Photoshop. Once this goes public, I will literally have everything I need from my Chromebook.


What are your thoughts on this? Would having access to Photoshop on Chromebook make the OS more interesting to you as a photographer? Leave a comment below!

[via Google Chrome Blog]