Adobe MAX is always an interesting tech event because in certain respects it a bit like an auto show. Sure there are the unveiling of models and features that are soon to be, but there’s also a prevalence of prototypes that don’t quite make it to market, at least not precisely as unveiled. These particular works in progress were discussed and demonstrated this year in a section called ‘Sneaks’, and it featured 11 features/programs that are currently being developed and considered for implementation. Perhaps the most immediately interesting most photographers was ‘Sky Replace’.

Sky Replace in premise is simple: we don’t often get the perfect sky with the ideal subject/foreground (and of course sometimes the exposure values required for a balanced image requires image stacking etc) and thus many photographers have resorted to replacing the skies in their images with the skies from others. This is problematic because it takes time to source the right sky image, as you have to take into consideration light direction and the rest of the perspective hurdles, and then do the actual sky swap, which is potentially difficult depending on the elements in the image. Adobe’s solution? A veritable 1-click solution.

adobe-max-photoshop-sky-replace adobe-max-photoshop-sky-replace-2

‘Sky Replace’ as demonstrated allows you to open the image you’d like to change the sky in, click other image with a good sky which is generated/source for you, and that is it – you’re swap is done. But it could go further. You can choose to be presented with numerous and varied options from sunset, cirrus clouds, rainbows and more, all with a simple click, and your sky will be replaced. There’s no ‘selection’ within your primary image that you need to make, no layers to fumble with, no blending.

How well does it work? Well, from the demo is appears rather robust, but perhaps this will be like the Dehaze tool and actually make it into public software soon, and we can test it. Suffice to say, however, it’ll be wanted.

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