Well, Lightroom 4 is barely even a year old yet and already we have Lightroom 5, yes not Lightroom 5 beta – full blown (as in finished) Lightroom 5. Adobe announced earlier this evening that the latest version of their popular image management and editing tool has been released.


Adobe says that since April when the LR5 beta was released that they have found and fixed over 400 bugs in the LR5 software. Some of the big name features that have been added to LR5 from LR4 is radial gradients, a new healing brush, and the “Upright” feature.

It is yet to be seen if the performance improvements over LR4 will be too significant, but many of the new features alone will be enough to pull many of us on to the new version. If you are interested in purchasing LR5 you may buy it with a new license at $149.99 or if you already have a LR4 license you may purchase an upgrade at only $79.99. To learn more about LR5 you can watch this video released by Adobe. The other option for getting LR5 is Adobes new Creative Cloud offering, if you happen to have this new service you should already be able to download LR5 to your machine.

Stay tuned to SLR Lounge in the near future for more details on LR5 including reviews of new features, tutorials,  performance tests, and even an updated version of our Lightroom Presets.

Have you downloaded the new LR yet? What are your thoughts on Adobe releasing a new Lightroom so soon after LR4? Let us know in a comment below!