Last month we got to get a sneak peek at possibly the biggest improvement coming to Photoshop in years with its new and improved Content-Aware Fill Tool, expected to launch during Adobe MAX next week. Well, apparently Adobe wasn’t done adding new features into its flagship application to make your retouching and editing life easier!

Currently the ‘Select Subject’ command lets users roughly select the most prominent subject in an image with a single click. Well, coming soon, the Object Selection Tool, housed at the top of the Magic Wand tool group, will allow users to select individual objects and combine/deselect as they please via simple and precise click-and-drag Marquee or Lasso selections. All with the help of Adobe Sensei!

As you can see from the 2 minute video, the new Object Selection Tool provides fast and incredible results for not just subject selection as a whole, but right down to quick individual items on that subject as well!

Adobe Sensei Object Selection Fine Detail
Adobe Sensei Object Selection on just the Hat

The new Object Selection Tool, (placed in the same menu as the Quick Selection and Magic Wand Tools), will let you quickly drag and drop a quick selection box over the subject(s) you want included in your selection and the system uses Machine Learning AI to automatically and VERY precisely make that selection for you.

Additionally, the features of this new tool are available from within the Select and Mask workspace, “So you can get started refining your selection right away.”

Select & Mask - Object Selection
Select & Mask – Object Selection

Speaking as a person who has to fix and replace backgrounds, skin tones, and fly hairs pretty frequently, this new tool is really exciting for me as, if i’m honest, i’m the WORST at making a good selection in Photoshop! This could quite literally save me hours upon hours of work and I couldn’t be happier to try it out. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.