For those of you who are in the video realm, Adobe just made some major upgrades to Premiere Pro CC. The upgrade includes some impressive new color correction features that makes color correcting your footage almost as easy as using Lightroom!


Obviously, if you are doing any kind of serious color correction, you will want to use a dedicated program like Davinci Resolve or Adobe Speedgrade, but if you just need to make some quick adjustments, or color tweaks, these new upgrades appear to be quite sufficient.

The new color correction panel is called the ‘Lumetri Color Panel’ and it gives you Lightroom-esqe controls for modifying the color and look of your footage right from the Premiere Pro CC itself.

As I am starting to do more and more video, I think that this is pretty awesome. One area of video that has always given me issues was color correction and modification and this looks to make it not only simpler and easier, but more familiar and with an interface that I am already very comfortable with from using Lightroom.

I am excited to get the update and try out these new features. Adobe says that it is ‘coming soon,’ but we don’t have any timeframe or hard date, unfortunately.

Do you shoot color correction on your videos? If so, what are your thoughts on these new updates coming soon to Premiere Pro? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Adobe Blog]