It all started with rumors and conjecture, but now it is a reality. Adobe has just officially announced Lightroom Mobile for iOS, a companion app for your favorite photo management and editing software.


I need to get this out of the way before we go any further, this is not meant to be  standalone app for editing your images. This is meant to be a companion, hence the term companion app, to your computer running Lightroom 5.4. The idea is that using smart previews, the app gives you the ability to make quick edits to your images from your tablet.

The best part of all is that it is free, at least in that you don’t have to pay any extra to be able to use it. Creative Cloud subscribers now have access to the new App for no additional cost to their subscriptions. However, the app is not available for non-CC subscribers, so if you are one of those CS6 holdouts then you will not have access to the app – at least not at this time.

Lightroom Mobile for iOS

It looks pretty neat if you ask me. Sure, it has some holes in the concept. Like not being able to pull images from your camera (yet), meaning you are still dependent on your computer to import the images to a catalog.


Then, there is the reliance on being online to sync, which means planning ahead so you have files you need in offline mode. Another major hole in the system is a lack of support for custom presets. this mean, for example, that if you wanted to use your SLR Lounge Preset System v5 Presets, you would be unable to do so. Adobe says they are working to add that functionality, but it is simply not there yet and no timetable was given for it.

The app is also currently limited to iPad 2 and iOS 7 or higher. So, if you have an old original iPad you are out of luck.


But, those few things aside, I feel like what Adobe has produced here is a great addition to the Creative Cloud. I am excited to download it and give it a try further here over the next several days. Stay tuned for a full review.

If you would like to learn more about Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile for iOS you can check out the website.