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Adobe Lightroom & ACR Update Brings Sony A9 Support Along With Batis & Lumix Support

By Kishore Sawh on May 29th 2017

Despite the fanfare surrounding the Sony A9, it seems the Adobe Update to Camera Raw and Lightroom which finally brought support for it went largely unnoticed, but alas, it is here.

When the A9 was released not long ago it was, as is the case with most new cameras, difficult to really judge its raw files and thus its true ability. Capture One released its compatible version first, and finally Adobe has followed suit with version 9.10.1.



Since Adobe’s Creative Cloud adoption there has been a bit of a history of each new release bringing with it a host new problems. That seems to have eased a little of late and in my initial use this appears to be a version to download without trepidation.

In addition to Sony a9 support there are some bug fixes, lens support, and camera profile support for Panasonic Lumix cameras. Here’s what’s changed:

Customer reported issues resolved

  • Fixed issue causing color cast on images from some Fujifilm X series cameras shot in CH/CL modes.
  • Fixed issue where images taken on the Fujifilm GFX 50S with top 3 extended ISOs appear over exposed.
  • Fixed issue where some images converted to DNG from the Hasselblad H6 contained a color cast.
  • Fixed issue with Hasselblad X1D images losing highlight details at high ISOs.

Known Issues

An issue where customers are unable to open Camera Raw with GPU enabled. This only occurs when using an AMD graphics card using driver Version 17.4.4 (released 4/23/2017) on Windows. Please see this note for more details and workarounds.

New Camera Support in Camera Raw 9.10.1

You can find the updates here.

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