I keep cramming more and more spot removal points onto this image, but Lightroom just won’t choke.  A half-dozen brushes, still nothing.  Repeated, high-speed adjustments in the develop module.  Lightroom still won’t choke!  What is going on here, am I just way too over-worked and sleep deprived, or did LR4’s Develop Module just get a whole lot faster?

I’ll be honest.  I get way more excited about Lightroom updates than I ought to.  So what?  Hey, if Adobe would just come out with an update that fixes LR4’s speed issues compared to LR3, I wouldn’t need to get as excited any more!

Until that day comes, I will continue to feverishly download and install every update.  And I’ll continue to report here with my findings!  Click HERE to view my speed tests for LR4 using the old and new process version

Click HERE to visit Adobe Labs and download the 4.3 release candidate.

I must be quick to warn you, however, that there’s no specific mention of any speed updates.    Just compatibility for a ton of new cameras, and a bunch of random fixes.  However, I must say that in spending just a few hours with 4.3 RC, I may indeed be seeing a speed increase in the Develop Module.  It is too soon to tell, however.  I need to get a good nights’ rest, and maybe over the next few days I’ll process a few thousand images and then report back.  Until then…

Supported Cameras:

* denotes full support. Preliminary support was available in Lightroom 4.2.


Fixed Issues:

  • Unable to upload a large panorama to Adobe Revel via the Revel Publish Plugin
  • Unable to add a second photo to a page layout in a Book. This only occurred when the “Show Unused Photos” filter is selected in the filmstrip.
  • A photo can be flagged as both a “Pick” and “Reject” at the same time when using the Toolbar to apply flags
  • Using multiple fonts within the same text cell inside a Book can sometimes cause Lightroom to crash
  • Exposure becomes the active adjustment slider in the Basic panel (within Develop) when moving from image to image
  • Customers using Photoshop Elements 11 were unable to upgrade their catalogs in Lightroom 4
  • Custom Cell padding options in the Book Module reset in between Lightroom sessions
  • 1080p video files shot on iPhone 4S flicker on replay
  • Leaving the Book Module after using multiple text colors in the same text cell can sometimes cause the book to be lost.


Click HERE to read more about the update, including added lens profiles.


Until next time,
=Matthew Saville=

Nikon D600, Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 AFS-G
1.0 sec. @ f/16 & ISO 100, tripod
Processed in Lightroom 4.3 RC1 using SLR Lounge LR4 presets
(plus 30-40 spot removal points.  Dang dusty D600!!!)






SLR Lounge LR 4 Export Video Files in Lightroom 4 – From the Lightroom 4 A – Z Training DVD Episode 28

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