It doesn’t get any better than this, people!Every once in a while there is a CRAZY discount on Lightroom.This is it!While some people pay nearly $300 for this essential photography workflow tool, now you can have it for under $80.With FREE SHIPPIING, too!Thank you,!


Of course this is coming probably in part because Adobe will soon announce Lightroom 4.0, later this summer maybe, HOWEVER both Post-Production Pye and myself have both concluded that LR4 is definitely a “tweener” update, meaning if you get Lightroom 3 you can bet totally happy to skip LR4 and just wait for LR5…;-)But, more on that later.Besides, LR4 will cost nearly $300 when it first comes out, as usual, so right now you should POUNCE on this amazing deal!This is EVEN CHEAPER than the “upgrade” version, and the student version, believe it or not.(Of course if you dawdle, those two options will be the only ones left!)

Take care,