Adobe has started a new campaign that has taken the photography community by storm! They’re calling it “Around the World in 80 Plays”, and it’s a chance for 8 talented photographers around the world to capture the way they play in their everyday lives, in their work, and most importantly, in their art.

Around the World in 80 Plays

We all play in different ways, in different languages, and in different mediums around the world. Abobe’s Around the World in 80 Plays is a chance to explore the universal language of photography and how it relates to the way we play in every culture.

Adobe has recruited eight talented photographers of different backgrounds and cultures to capture ten photos each showing them in their everyday habitats. What’s truly remarkable about this photography adventure is that every stunning shot these photographers have taken was edited in Adobe’s Lightroom mobile app! It’s amazing what new photography tech can do, and this is a blazing example of the future of mobile technology to come!

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Here are a few of the select photographers Adobe selected for this campaign!

Photos by Holly-Marie CatoHolly-Marie Cato

Holly-Marie Cato is a London-based photographer and the type to start a conversation anywhere. So this challenge was perfect for her when it came to photographing the world around her.

Holly is big on Film Photography. “Picking up my Mimaya and leaving the house to find interesting people or seldom-seen parts of my city will always be play for me,” says Holly-Marie. “More recently, I’ve been more collaborative on projects, and I want to bring friends into creative art shoots. Art directing, styling, makeup, and lighting is new and fun to me, so I’ll be leaning into this more.”

Photos by Girma BertaGirma Berta

Girma Berta is an international photographer hailing from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He lives for candid moments in his photography. Yes, Girma is a photographer, but he’s also an artist and a designer. He loves finding different ways to play in any artform he chooses.

What form of play is unique to his part of the world? “Congregating,” Girma says. “It feels like our Ethiopian culture is all about doing things together. That’s why we have so many private and public activities that bring us together. We indulge in so many joyous things, from food to conversation to just competing in various home-brewed play activities.”

Photos by Luisa DörrLuisa Dörr

Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr is an expert in capturing raw emotions in her photos. She’s a natural experimenter when it comes to photography, playing with lights, shadows, and colors to create the perfect image.

Photos by Paola FranquiPaola Franqui

Paola Franqui is a street photographer who turned to photography as a creative outlet while she was studying criminal justice. The beautiful yet fleeting everyday moments of life are a constant inspiration to Paola. And she’s a firm believer in play.

“I love to play with reflections,” says Paola. “Reflections are incredibly beautiful, and once you start looking for them, you’ll be surprised to discover that they are all around us. The possibilities are endless.”

Be sure to check out Adobe’s Around the World in 80 Plays campaign to all eight incredible photographers, all showing off how they play in their everyday lives!

*Images and details shared with permission from Adobe