Haze removed on the right

I always raise an eyebrow when I hear photographers complain about Adobe’s Creative Cloud pricing structure. Sure, in a sense, it’s nice to ‘own’ a version of the applications, but when that was the only option, there were constant outcries at the purchase price and rampant piracy. This new structure makes these programs more readily affordable to everyone, and in a day and age where technology is developing at the speed of thought, makes it, so we always have the most advanced version.

It would be one thing if Adobe promised the world and delivered the equivalent of some little island of volcanic residue in the middle of French Polynesia, but they haven’t; they keep delivering the goods with frequent useful updates. One update debuted last fall seems about to drop for Lightroom, and it’s the addition of a ‘Dehaze’ slider. Simply put, it will allow you to remove haze from your images with all the effort of a minute finger movement.


The slider, however, defaults at naught, which means not only can you remove haze, but you can add it as well, certainly adding to your creative arsenal. How this differs from the Clarity or Contrast sliders is yet to be discussed, but it certainly seems to be more like a ‘Fade’ slider than Clarity, and seems to beef up colors that tend to be subdued due to haze or mist, or refracted light.

adobe-lightroom-dehaze-update-creative-cloud-photography-slrlounge-3 adobe-lightroom-dehaze-update-creative-cloud-photography-slrlounge-2

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Adding that faded or matte look to your images in Lightroom isn’t all that difficult to begin with, all it really takes is a simple curves adjustment. If you’d like, I’ll be happy to create a demo for you, but this seems to be able to give somewhat of a similar effect, and it couldn’t be easier.

The video is simply a teaser video debuting the new tool, so there isn’t much more to deduce from it, other than it looks rather finished, and that we can likely expect it in a soon-to-come Lightroom update Hopefully, there will be more where this came from.