It’s been a rather rough year for the creative industry all around, but thankfully some organizations are giving back to the community and providing some much-needed financial relief as well as career options in these trying times. In case you missed it, the Adobe Creative Residency applications opened this past week for the next class of creators. Young creatives need career guidance and financial support like never before, and this selective annual program provides the opportunity to proactively pursue personal creative projects with access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from Adobe advisors and a compensation package.

Adobe Creative REsidency Applications

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More Details on the benefits of the Residency Program?

  • Full salary and health benefits.
    • Residents are given health insurance and paid a full salary commensurate with their experience and geographical location. Adobe also covers each resident’s travel and project costs during the residency.
  • A full year of creativity.
    • Residents spend their year building their portfolios, speaking at conferences, teaching workshops, mentoring other aspiring creative professionals, and sharing their knowledge with the community.
  • Full support from Adobe.
    • Residents get unlimited access to Adobe Creative Cloud software and services, support from Adobe product teams, and expert guidance to help them learn new skills and workflows
  • Mentorship and learning.
    • Residents have the opportunity to be mentored by a professional in their field. They also receive a 1-year Skillshare Premium Subscription so that they can acquire any skill they need on their creative journey.
  • Exposure and recognition.
    • Residents get opportunities to reach out to new audiences in the creative community through speaking, teaching, streaming, and event-hosting engagements.
  • Networking.
    • Residents have access to networking events throughout the year to get connected with leaders, experts and audiences with a shared passion for their creative industry and subject matter.

Applications are due on March 14, 2021. Additionally, creatives interested in more information on funding opportunities can check out the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund which accepts monthly rolling submissions ranging from $500 to $5,000 for commissioned work.

How do the professionals get these commissioned gigs? Well, you still have to apply for the program and those selected will be assigned work based on their portfolio, skillsets, and whatever Adobe happens to need at the time. This could be anything from original artwork, creating a short video for social media, creating a tutorial on one of the apps, or even writing an article for their blog.

Things to know about the Community Fund.
Applications do not require project proposals.

If you’re selected to work on commission, you’ll receive between US$500 and US$5000. The amount will be determined by the selection committee based on the length of the engagement and the scope of work.

Commission opportunities vary depending on time of year and company focus.

Selection is determined based on how well an applicant’s skills match the opportunities available.

The bottom line is there’s a lot of opportunity to be had for young creatives, and working professionals with this program from illustration and writing to photography and videography. So be sure to get your applications in as soon as possible and check out what the existing residents are creating already on Behance here & here for a little inspiration.