While there has been a third party plugin for migrating your old Aperture libraries into Lightroom catalogs for a while, many have been holding out for an official migration tool. That wait has now come to a close.


Adobe has announced an official “Aperture to Lightroom” plugin that will import your Aperture library into your Lightroom catalog, along with the correct file layout and full metadata intact. The new tool is simple and free, and you can get your hands on it here.

Aperture to Lightroom Migration Items

The following information is moved from Aperture to Lightroom through this plugin. Note that any adjustments you made in Aperture will not be transferred, so LR will import the original images as well as JPG copies of the versions with your adjustments.

· Flags
· Star Ratings
· Keywords
· GPS Data
· Rejects
· Hidden Files
· Color Labels (Imported as a Keyword)
· Stacks (Imported as a Keyword)
· Face Tags (Imported as a Keyword)


The process is simple, just load up Lightroom and go to File -> Plug-In Extras -> Import from Aperture Library and tell Lightroom where to find your Aperture library. It’s that simple. There have been reports that it can be a little slow, so if you have a large library, it might be a long process.

Still, this should make it much easier now for you Aperture users to make the switch to Lightroom.


What are your thoughts on this plugin from Adobe? Do you think that it will be enough to make Aperture users choose to move on to Lightroom over Capture One? Leave a comment below!