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Adobe Announces Major Updates For Photoshop Express For iOS And Lightroom On The Web

By Holly Roa on November 10th 2016

Good news for fans of Photoshop Express for iOS and Lightroom on the web: Adobe has announced major updates for both, bringing new features for editing and sharing images on the go.photoshop_express_ios_collage_holly

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express for iOS has received Intelligent Layout, automatic Style Transfer, and integration with Google Photos. To use Intelligent Layout, you select a series of photos in the “Make Collage” tab, hit the “next” button, and Photoshop Express will choose the layout it thinks best fits the photos and will arrange them within the frames to make the best composition. If you don’t like the template selected, you can tap another one and it will re-arrange the photos for you.

Of course if you don’t like the placement, it’s easy to customize exactly the way you want it. There are multiple aspect ratios to choose from including one called “FB Cover.” Automatic Style Transfer gives you the option to choose from several color palettes, including ones based on the images in the collage, to apply to all the photos in the collage and create better color harmony between images. Google Photos has been added as a source for images, both for image editing and making collages.


“FB Cover” created in Photoshop Express for iOS with Intelligent Layout


Lightroom On The Web

Lightroom on the web lets you access via any browser, photos that have been synced to Lightroom mobile, edit them online, share them, and now publish directly to your Adobe Portfolio. This update sees significant improvement to Shares, giving you the ability to “add a header graphic, add sections within your Shares, and add text describing the sections,” says Adobe. This lets you put together visually rich stories from your work and in essence create a charming photo blog with both a visual and verbal narrative. Also, the ability to download original sized photos, when available, has been added.


Check out more from Adobe and about Creative Cloud.

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