If you take a step back and look around at the spread of modern cameras and lenses, the systems on a whole that are available today and being produced at an almost frantic pace, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d reached a point of engineering bliss. From the tiny marvels like the DxO One and RX100, to the mirrorless A7RII and suite of Zeiss glass, the tools we use to capture a photograph are leaps and bounds more sophisticated than previous generations.

However, in an almost ironic plot twist, vintage appeal is high; from the film emulations to film itself, it seems that even in this time of sensors with superior sensitivity and low noise, and lenses with practically zero distortion and flare, we miss those irregularities of character.


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While it’s hard to argue that capturing these things in camera is great, it’s not practical, so thankfully we can do much of it in post, and DIY Photography has released a set of lens flares to help us add realistic and varied lens flares to any image, to give it a natural and personalized touch.

What they’ve done is gone out and purchased various old lenses, lenses known for irregularities like the Mamiya Sekor C 135mm / f2.8 or the great ME 1B 37mm / f2.8, or the Nikon 43-86, and captured real flares with those old, and notoriously flare-engaging lenses. The result was 116 beautiful lens flares that are simple to apply in Photoshop, and are broken into 7 sub-folders to help you identify where within a frame the fall directionally. Each file is also very high resolution so scaling to fit your image shouldn’t be a problem. It’s extremely clever, and you can check out how easy and effective it is within the video below, and get the flares ($15) here.

The images you see here are from our Photographing The Bride Workshop, as part of our Wedding Workshop Series, which is a course that covers photo coverage of a wedding from start to finish; from communicating with clients up until the wedding reception. We have stylized shoots from each portion of the day, simulating an actual wedding – telling you primary, secondary, and creative angles + how to anticipate emotional moments throughout the day. Photographing The Bride will soon be released, but in the meantime you can stream Photographing the Groom and Wedding Photography Communication and Planning as part of SLR Lounge Premium.