Timelapse videos are always fun to see, but they can also be rather boring after the first few seconds. The best way to do that in the past has been to setup your camera on a motion controlled slider which automatically moved your camera during the timeplase to create movement.


Enter Panolapse, a new software app that allows you to create movement in your time lapse images without needing en expensive motion controlled slider. In addition to the regular sliding motion that I mentioned above, Panolapse corrects the wide angle lens distortion to create a panning illusion.

According to the developers Panolapse works best with wide angle lenses. Some of you may be wondering about the quality of the video if you are essentially cropping your final image, and the answer is no quality loss. When you take an image your full sized shot is always larger than the 1080p video you are most likely making, so quality loss is kept to a minimum.

Panolapse is available for Free when outputting 720p video or $65 for full HD (1080) capability. You can learn more about the software on their website.

[via DIY Photography]