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Accessory Product Hints At 7D Mark II Name?

By Anthony Thurston on August 19th 2014

We have been following the whole story about the Canon 7D replacement, a camera that was originally thought to be called the 7D Mark II, but according to rumor sites, now the consensus is that it will not carry on the 7D name, and will be something different.


This is why the camera has been referred to as the “7D replacement” lately, because no one is quite sure what the camera will be called. Today, I received a tip that may indicate that the camera will be called the 7D Mark II after all. Though, in reality, it is likely just click bait or SEO wizardry, but still, I thought it was worth noting.

Over on B&H there is a new Varavon Armor S Rig for Filmmakers, which specifically says “For Canon 7D Mark II”. Now, like I said, this could be some sort of SEO or click bait trickery, but it could also be an indicator that the new camera will, in fact, be called the 7D Mark II.

Accessory manufacturers are often given mockup products so that they can have accessories ready when the product is released, so it is possible that this is one of those accessory products that was made to fit the 7D Mark II when it is released (which would also seem to indicate that an announcement is likely coming very soon).


Personally, I always thought it would be silly of Canon to change the name from 7D, so I would love for this to be the case. That said, this deserves buckets of salt. Other than the name in this product listing, I have no other “proof” here, but as I said, I thought it was curious and worth noting for anyone interested or who has been following this 7D replacement rumor story.

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**Update** – B&H is saying that this was a typo. So, that is the official story behind this anyways.


What do you think of this? Will the camera be called the 7D Mark II as this product seems to hint at, or is this just a case of someone throwing out click bait? Leave a comment below!

[Shout out to Adam Sanford for the tip]

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  1. adam sanford

    Follow up — I actually called B&H. My operator immediately said it was a typo and he would notify the website folks to get it fixed.

    He said that it was for the 5D line of cameras. Note that both the Varavon and B&H part numbers on that page have ‘5D’ at the end.

    Mystery solved, I think.

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  2. Austin Swenson

    I am thinking this could also just be something to get people to buy the product in anticipation for the new body, because they pretty much know that if it is a mark ii version, the body will look the same as the old one, just with new goodies inside.

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    • adam sanford

      You are most likely right, but there was some odd-chatter of a 1DX build quality, no pop-up flash, etc. that might imply a taller top plate. But that matters for underwater housing developers and rubbery-skin cover companies, not folks in video. So, if they are guessing, one would assume Varavon can afford to be brave here.

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  3. adam sanford

    As far as the true brand name of the 7D successor, for it NOT to be 7D Mark II, one of the following would need to be true:

    1) The sensor turns out to not be APS-C, which the 7D brand is the flagship of.

    2) Canon is planning on releasing more than one flagship-level 7D camera, so a bifurcation of the brand name, a la Sony’s A7 / A7R / A7S might make sense.

    3) The Mark I, Mark II style of naming doesn’t resonate with customers and Canon wants unique names for each of its bodies.

    4) The 7D was not successful, and therefore, not a great name to build off of with a new model.

    As all of the above are either wildly improbable (the first two) or patently false (the last two), I’d say with 95% probability that the new camera will be called the 7D Mark II.

    There is a small small small chance that Canon wants to shake up the names of its brands a la Sony switching from NEX to Alpha. But that’s a move for companies who aren’t leading the market. I just don’t see Canon throwing a monkey-wrench like that into our heads unless they planned on dropping/merging entire product lines. I just don’t see that happening.

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  4. adam sanford

    Fishy detail #1: If you zoom in on the camera in the B&H preview, it looks a LOT like a 5D2 (which is what I think it is). No pop-up flash and no grippy material on the memory card port is the tell.

    Fishy detail #2: Varavon’s website has no mention of this product whatsoever. Did B&H jump the gun?

    I think they might just have chosen this name to have 7D2 in the B&H search engine when the inevitable accessory buying frenzy takes place around body pre-ordering time. I think the vendor may be guessing here.

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    • Anthony Thurston

      Very possible, and honestly, the most likely scenario here. But, on the off chance that they know something that we don’t, worth noting.

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