This won’t be much of a surprise if you have been following the rumor mill in the last day or so. I don’t know if anyone expected an announcement so quickly, but, here it is. Sony has announced the followup to the a7, the a7 II.

Sony a7 II Announced

As you can see in the announcement video above, the new a7 II has some pretty sweet improvements over the original a7. The biggest of which is obviously its new 5-axis in-camera stabilization good for up to 4.5 stops. This is the first full frame camera to have such a feature.

The neat thing about this in-body stabilization is that it will work with your lenses that have stabilization built-in for an even more stabilized shot. Check out this video below for a cool demonstration of the 5-axis stabilization.


While the 24mp sensor may be the same as the original a7, the AF system has received some attention in this new version. According to Sony, the AF will now track 1.5x better and lock focus up to 30% faster than the original a7 body. A welcome improvement for sure.

Sony didn’t forget about a7 videographers either; though you won’t have 4K, you will get some upgraded codecs to make your 1080 capture even higher quality. Overall, this is an exciting update to the a7, though it is also one that will likely annoy a7 owners who now have to think about upgrading barely over a year –if that– after purchase.



The new a7 II has been announced, but technically only in Japan. As of now, there is no information about a US release of this body, neither availability nor pricing. But, if you want to try and snag a Japanese version (which, obviously, wouldn’t be serviced by Sony USA) you should be able to do some come December 5th for around $1600 US.

You can get all the details from Sony’s website here. Stay tuned and we will update you about any news regarding US/worldwide availability or pre-order links once they are announced.