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Sony A6100 Specs Leak Ahead of Tomorrow’s Announcement


As we have been talking about all throughout the week, Sony is expected to announce their A6100 on Friday. Over the night, specs leaked for the new camera, and while I wouldn’t take these as gospel just yet, given the proximity to the expected release, I would give these a high probability of being mostly true, if not 100% accurate.

Leaked Sony A6100 Specs

  • 32mp BSI
  • 5-axis IBIS
  • Much better ISO
  • 4K
  • 285 PDAF points
  • New EVF
  • 14.5fps
  • Smaller than A6000, less weight too
  • No weather sealing
  • Mic-input
  • Only comes in black

Some interesting things stick out to me here. First off, 32MP! That is insane for an APS-C camera, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised given what Sony has been doing lately. The other sensor related thing I noticed is 14.5FPS – this is one spec I won’t believe until I see it. The A7R II has a lot of bottlenecking due to the processor not being able to handle a lot of those huge files at once. While there is ~10MP difference between the two cameras, I find it unlikely that Sony has fixed that bottleneck in what will likely be a sub-$1000 camera, when their $3200 premium camera can’t do it. But who knows, maybe Sony has something up their sleeves to make it all work.

The addition of 4K and a mic-input will be very good news for videographers. Though, we will have to see how the camera handles prolonged 4K recording. Hopefully, it does a better job than the RX100 M4.

Now finally, the size. Apparently this camera is full of upgrades, AND it’s smaller/lighter than the current A6000?!?!? While I think that is awesome, I am also skeptical of that being a good thing. The A6000 is already tiny and lightweight, especially when you consider the power that it has. I’m not sure there is a need to make it smaller or lighter; one has to wonder about its ability to hold up to abuse at that point.

What stood out to you in these possible specs? What would you like to see from Sony in tomorrow’s announcement?

Phase One XF Cameras To Feature Profoto Air Triggers Built-in


Everything these days is about making things more convenient. In the lighting world, that means integrating lighting controls from your camera with strobes and off-camera lights allowing you to change power settings without having to walk up to each light.

Phase One and Profoto are taking that to the next level, and will be building Profoto’s new Air Triggering system right into the upcoming Phase One XF digital backs. While most of us can just drool at that setup, a $30,000+ camera and $2500+ lighting kit (at least), the precedent is really exciting.

I have been saying for a while now that I think PocketWizard, Phottix, and the other trigger makers would be smart to partner up with camera makers to get their triggering tech included in camera bodies. Now, obviously the camera makers have to be on board for that, but they would be stupid in my opinion not to see the value in that.

Who else thinks this would be cool? Raise your hand if you will be getting one of those new XF backs…. no, one? Ok, I guess we can all huddle in that corner over there and drool looking at the product photos.

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