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A Time Lapse Montage – “Intvervals” By Sean Goebel

By Matthew Saville on February 5th 2012

I know we have shared one or two time lapse videos in the past, but I thought this one deserved sharing for two reasons.Firstly, because it shows what you can do even if you don’t have thousands of dollars worth of sliders and dollies, or a 5D mk2 and a pelican full of (overpriced?) L glass / full-frame ultra-wides.And secondly, because I helped film some of it!I met Sean Goebel through some friends a little over a year ago, right around the time I was getting interested in time lapse photography myself.(Find more of his work HERE)My highlights in this latest timelapse montageinclude ~300 almost flawlessly consecutive flashes from a cheap wireless trigger, and pushing a Toyota Prius at 0.5 MPH down the middle of the road in Joshua Tree National Park at 2 AM in the dead of winter.(Remember THIS post?)Oh I suppose I should disclaim, for that particular shot of the road in Joshua tree, we did indeed rent a 5D mk2 and a 24 f/1.4 L, and I suppose you could say our “dolly” (a Prius) cost $30K.But other than THAT, lol, the motion in these time lapses was made on his home-made rig.(Edit:Click HERE to read a BTS (behind the scenes) page on how each scene was created)

I know that some day when we’re all 40-something or 50-something, maybe we’ll have all our dream cameras and lenses, and we won’t ever have to say “if only I had…” when a shot doesn’t come out right.But until that day comes, while we’re still 20-something and 30-something, …I just like to share random bits of work that I see that encourage me to get out there and JUST SHOOT, no matter what gear I’ve got.Most of these time lapses were filmed on a Canon 7D, a Canon Rebel XT, and a Tokina 11-16 f/2.8, which in my opinion is one of the most formidable “adventure photography” setups on the market today…As a Nikon user myself, for adventure photography I’d love to have the Tokina on a Nikon D7000 (which has a built-in intervalometer, and AIS manual focus lens compatibility!)


Enjoy the video!(BTW, I *highly* recommend viewing the HIGH QUALITY version of the film here, and if you have the internet speed for it, download the less-compressed version if you dare.;-)






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Matthew Saville is a full-time wedding photographer at Lin & Jirsa Photography, and a senior editor & writer at SLR Lounge.

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  1. Joseph Prusa


    | |
  2. Gregg Shaw

    Wow… that was absolutely breath taking.  Loved it…

    | |
  3. John Farrand

    Do you have any info on his homemade rig? “[Almost] all of these shots were made on this homemade rig.” Was there suppose to be a link? I’m really curious because I’m really interested in Time Lapse… But until I got the D7000, I could only do long-exposures the way I wanted. Great video posted! I also liked your long-exposures from Joshua.

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      John, yeah if you check Sean’s Vimeo or website, there is a video about the rig. It’s made of copper pipe, other bits and pieces, and an Arduino circuit board to control it.

      And yeah, now that you have a D7000 you can play with time lapse photography all you want!  I’m brainstorming an article on time lapse photography using Nikon’s built-in intervalometer, so that should be online sooner or later. Take care!

      | |