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A Sad, Sad Post Production Pye – Preliminary Thoughts on Lightroom 4

By Pye Jirsa on February 7th 2012

Preliminary Thoughts Video

**UPDATE – There is indeed RGB adjustments in the Tone Curve now. It is available when you click to manually edit the tone curve. A little hard to find, but it is there nonetheless and it is a huge improvement! Also, I forgot to mention that temp/tint is now an available option in local adjustments as well.

Written Preliminary Thoughts

Adobe released the Lightroom 4 Beta a little while back and I finally got a chance to get play around with it a bit.

While there are some great new features like geotagging in the Maps module and prepping books for print in the Books module, there is very little in the way of actually improving the Develop Module functionality over Lightroom 3. While I look forward to LR4s new features and improved back end, the meat of Lightroom is really in the Develop Module and I was really hoping for additional features and controls in actually Developing photos.

Lightroom 4 does introduce a pretty massive change to the sliders in the Basic Panel in the Develop Module. A lot of people will probably be upset about the change, but in all actuality the new sliders and names in the Basic Panel are great change and are quite intuitive. Check out the video to see the details in those changes.

But, aside from that change in the Basic Panel sliders and the new adjustment to adjust Moire, everything else in the Develop Module is still pretty much the same, and that is what is disappointing. Here are the Develop features I was hoping Lightroom 4 would have to name a few.

1. Ability to create Presets w/ Adjustment Brushes
2. Improved Cloning/Healing Tools via adjustable brushes
3. **UPDATE – RGB Controls on Tone Curve are in LR4! Advanced Tone Curves w/ RGB controls
4. Advanced Split Toning control
5. Layers & layer adjustments (I know this is a dream)

Well, Adobe has made it clear that the Lightroom 4 Beta is just a preview. So, we can all stay hopeful, at least for a little while longer. Here’s looking at you Adobe!

— A Sad, Sad Post Production Pye

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  1. Mike7051

    YYour opinion is gospel to me. Thanks for your comments lets hope lr5 is what we want

    | |
  2. Mike7051

    YYour opinion is gospel to me. Thanks for your comments lets hope lr5 is what we want

    | |
  3. Matthew Saville

    Hey guys!  I totally agree with Pye-  this is just a “tweener” update:  If you’re still on Lightroom 2.0 for some reason, get this upgrade, but if you’ve got LR3 and you’re comfortable with it, don’t worry too much about LR4, just wait for LR5…

    I’ll be posting my own opinion on LR4 next week! I’ve actually made time to edit an ENTIRE 4,000 image wedding in LR4, and so I’ll have a detailed report on that.  :-)


    | |
    • Michael

      FWIW, I used the LR4 beta on some pictures and when I imported to PS5.1 for editing, the edits were lost due to differing Process Versions in PS5 and the LR4 beta being incompatible.  So if you need to go PS for anything, you might want to rethink doing 4K shots in LR!

      | |
    • Chuckles59h

      This also happens backwards from what i understand, anything edited in LR4, the catalogs won’t import back into 3.6. I want to TY for these tutorials, I have forwarded you’re site to several for them to watch, and I myself, have learned tons here, thanks again!

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Indeed, Adobe has made it clear that until they release the final version, LR3 and LR4 LRCAT files will be totally incompatible.  This is very important for anyone who is jumping the gun to get on board with a beta version.  I was pleasantly surprised at how relatively smooth LR4 seemed to work for me, but I still wouldn’t use this beta for my day to day work.  Especially for this reason, but also because it does feel a tiny bit laggy / buggy.

      When going from ANY catalog system to another, it is important to remember the “save metadata to files” trick.  I do this all the time so that I can read my Lightroom edits in Bridge CS5 for example.  And going between LR4 and LR3 isn’t perfect using this method, since the basic panel is completely different, however it does get you in the ballpark because Adobe was smart enough to come up with some rough equivalency equations or something.  :-)


      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      That is not a problem if you simply tell Lightroom to do the rendering.  It was an experiment, and before doing so I made sure that good ‘ol “save metadata to files” still got me in the ballpark if I needed to go back to LR3.  

      I will probably get LR4 as soon as it comes out, but ONLY for the purpose of review and the creation of presets. etc…  From a business / hobbyist standpoint, I don’t find LR4 to be critical at all if someone already has LR3 and knows it well.


      | |
  4. Diego

    Thank you very much Pye for your review video.

    I like to see in a future video how highlights, shadows, blacks and whites change the histogram, and what is the difference between those commands and the ones in the tone curve panel.

    Cheers from Colombia!

    | |
  5. Joel

    RGB curves is a feature available in the curves and such so is advanced split tone.

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