Photoshop-enhance-1When I first started in photography, there was this trend where images were super crisp and very sharp. It was abused, of course, (as Photoshop often is) and more often than not, you’d see severely oversharpened images (especially around the eyes). I’ll admit, I’m one of the guilty ones, due to a lack of Photoshop knowledge and an action I purchased and didn’t know how to use properly.


To get great detail in your image, subtlety is key and this quick tip from Jimmy McIntyre will help enhance your image without overdoing it. In the first part of the 2-minute video, Jimmy uses the Raya Pro panel (a product he sells) to quickly touch up the areas on the rock. The last part of the video shows you how you can get the same effect if you don’t have Raya Pro and he shows you how to use High Pass instead. A note of warning when you use the High Pass technique, the higher you go with the radius, you’ll start seeing haloing and edging around objects, so as with all things Photoshop, less is more.

Quick Photoshop Secrets 6: How To Enhance Details Beautifully

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[Via ISO 1200]