I have a drawer full of chargers at my house, which theoretically makes it easy to find a charger when I need one. Yet, more often than not, I find myself wading through cords, and plugs, never actually finding the one I need at that moment. Add to that madness the sheer amount of chargers and batteries needed if you’re out on a long shoot or traveling and this is the likely situation in your car:

Photo by Matthew Saville
Photo by Matthew Saville


Turns out, I’m not the only one that has this issue and in the following video, the Vimeo video team shows us how they built a portable battery charging station to alleviate some of the chaos. Not only is it portable, but when not in use, it can be hung out of the way. You’ll need to know your way around Home Depot (or any other hardware type store) and how to use power tools. The project costs about $113 (you can see the list here) if you already have the tools and the project looks fairly simple.

You can take your charger situation from this:


to this:


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Do you have a method of organizing your battery chargers and plugs? Comment below and let us know!

[Via ISO1200/Vimeo Video School]