I had the pleasure this last weekend of being able to spend some time working with a few models, something that I admit is one of my weaker photography skills. But you can only get better with practice, so I took the weekend and paid a few professional traveling models to come shoot with me.

Today I wanted to highlight this shot and sort of break it down for you. The shot was taken in a stairway with windows on three sides and white walls meaning that the natural light was very pretty, in my opinion at least. This shot was captured by my D300s with the 50mm 1.8G at 1/80th of a second, F1.8, and ISO 800 handheld.


Overall I feel like the light is very pretty and I love the connection you get with her eyes. I have not edited the photo too much, mainly your basic portrait cleanup (RAW processing, Preset Testing,  blemish removal, color correction etc) and I sort of like this shot as is. The hair could probably use come cleaning up,and the crop isn’t quite mainstream but otherwise I am very happy with the shot.

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Now that you have seen through my lens tell me what I did wrong, what did I do right? Please feel free to leave some constructive thoughts in the comments below. As per usual SLR Lounge etiquette any non-constructive critiques will be removed. Its always scary and fun to put an image out there, and this time around its my turn to give you a look through my lens. So let me know what you think, be as harsh as you like – just remember to keep it constructive.