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Pete Souza | Behind The Images Of A Man Who Transformed Presidential Photography

By Wendell Weithers on June 28th 2017

With the tip of a finger, one person can leave an indelible impression upon the memories of a generation; that is the power of photography. With every click, we enslave a moment of time, forever binding it to us in the present and save it from drifting pass the boundaries of recollection. This is the purpose of our craft which is often obscured by the vapid allure of fame, popularity, and money. And grasping this purpose makes the difference between being someone who takes pictures and being a photographer.

On March 28, 2017, Pete Souza sat down with professor and photojournalist Marcia Nighswander to discuss some of the photos of President Barack Obama from his time as White House photographer.

Mr. Souza reveals his thoughts about the circumstances leading up to these images and they are very instructive. They demonstrate his keen photographic instincts which allowed him to sense the moment and be in the right place at the right time more often than not. This is an insightful interview that is worth your time and below I’ve linked to the images on Flickr so you can view them, download them, and find out what gear was used for the shot.

Images Discussed

#1(March 8, 2015) – 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

#2(November 3, 2010) – President Barack Obama in the Blue Room 

#3(March 22, 2016) – The Wave With Raul Castro

#4 –  (March 20, 2011) – Tour of the Christ the Redeemer statue 

#5(September 9, 2009) – President Obama Edits Health Care Speech

#6(October 26, 2012) – The President Is Caught in Spider-Man’s Web

#7 (August 9, 2010) – President Barack Obama  Puts His Toe on the Scale

#8(June 6, 2014) – 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy

#9(February 22, 2009) – Governor’s Ball

#10(April 21, 2014)The Two Most Famous Sets of Ears in Washington

You can find a comprehensive collection of Pete Souza’s White House work at the links below:

Obama White House Flickr

Obama Whitehouse Instagram

Pete Souza’s Instagram

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