In California right now, we are dealing with wildfires, flooding, and a drought all at the same time. Last week, due to the activity of drones, firefighting efforts were hampered when as many as 5 drones were seen hovering over the I-15 freeway, impeding the efforts of helicopters that were forced to be grounded to wait for the UAV’s to give way. Last year, we wrote this article on how drones poses a threat to firefighters and we want to remind all drone operators that any drone user that is caught flying over a disaster area could face a hefty fine, up to $25,000.

That being said, the popularity of aerial photography has continually risen in the last few years, and as more and more people add drones to their collection, we’ll see more and more amazing imagery. Getting great shots with a drone takes a lot of practice and in the following infographic, Story & Heart shares some useful tips to think about before taking your drone to the sky.


Matt Brue, a drone operator for over 5 years, founder of Capture Film Co. and educator at the Academy of Storytellers, created the following checklist for those just starting out in the UAV world.


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For you seasoned UAV operators, any tips for the beginners in the group? Comment below.

[Via No Film School]