Given the amount of media that we intake, we are all so incredibly spoiled when it comes to motion graphics and animation. I am not talking about massive companies that are doing the work behind movies like Avatar and Terminator 3, I am talking about motion graphics that we constantly see in television, movie titles, advertisements, etc. We often look over these effects and animations without a second thought, but they ad so much production value and insight into our media. In actually trying to design out a new bumper and animation for the SLR Lounge logo we realized just how difficult, time consuming and artistic this entire process was.

To design and complete the SLR Lounge animation we looked to Swell TV. Now, we all have good and bad experiences with companies that we work with. On occasion we will also have an amazingly offal or amazingly wonderful experience that calls for either vocalized verbal bashing or a song of praise respectively. When it comes to Swell TV, we have to take a moment to sing their praises because they were simply one of the best companies we have ever worked with, hands down. You probably have already seen the new SLR Lounge bumper at the beginning of each of our videos. In case you haven’t seen it, here is one below so you can check it out!

We worked with Dan Dawley at Swell TV and to be honest, I was at a loss when it came to brainstorming the overall concept. The conversation pretty much went like this, “Dan, I am not really sure what we need, I really like your work in your portfolio, and it would be great to have kind of a modern look to the SLR Lounge logo animation. Something simple, and web 2.0 looking that quickly shows off everything we do.”

Yeah, it was pretty much one of the most vague descriptions I have ever given of something. Yet, a week later, Dan presented me with the bumper you see above. No revisions were necessary, it was perfect on the first attempt. Given our experience, it seemed only appropriate that we sing their praises here and give tribute to the awesomely difficult and incredibly artistic work that they do. Here is their 2012 video in review. Be sure to check out more of their work and their portfolio on their website at If you are interested in hiring Swell TV, you can also email them at