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What is the Optimal Shutter Speed when Shooting HDR Photography? – From the HDR Photography Workshop Series

In HDR photography, the only varying factor controlling the exposure in your bracketed sequence should be the shutter speed. This means that the camera is controlling the shutter speed to give us the median exposure, the darker exposure and the brighter exposure. However, given that cameras have limitations of the highest possible shutter speed and that shutter speed also controls motion freeze, there are optimal settings for shutter speed. The optimal shutter speed depends on a few considerations, which we will discuss in this article. In addition, we will explain the two issues that arise due to shutter speed as well as why the optimal exposure value should not be at 3 stops, but at 2 stops instead.

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How to be Creative with Slow Shutter Speed

One of the great things about shutter speed is that you have a lot of creative options when it comes to implying motion. Adding motion to a still photography can turn a regular photo into one that is dynamic and full of energy. Alternatively, you can create abstract motion and add a surreal mood to your images. Some examples that you may be familiar with include a speeding train passing by a train station or a trail of lights from the cars at night. The creative possibilities with using slow shutter speed are endless.

Shooting Tips

Freezing Motion with High Shutter Speed

Aperture is usually the control that people use creatively, while the shutter speed is the workhorse of the two. But in reality, you can use shutter speed to freeze and convey motion. For this first part on shutter speed, we will be focusing on how to improve your fast shutter speed technique to freeze motion.