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Wedding Workshop | Photographing the Groom: Introduction To Shooting The Details

It’s all about the details – in this chapter we will cover how we set up, light, and photograph our detail shots. Often times Groom’s have specific requirements for how they want their details photographed, or which details they want…


HDR Photography Workshop: Capture All Shots by Shooting in Continuous Modes

Introduction With HDR photography, we are often consecutively capturing 3 or more shots with different exposures of the same scene to create a final HDR image. If we are manually capturing the shots in our HDR sequence, the chances of…


HDR Photography Workshop: Shooting in RAW vs. JPEG

Introduction Shooting in RAW or JPEG is one of the biggest debates in photography. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in this article. Shooting your HDR images in either RAW or JPEG will be a…

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Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop: Shooting with Available Light

Shooting with Available Light | Transcription Since we’re focusing on natural light, we’re going to be working with the available light around us. Now, available light is not necessary sunlight, shade, hard light, or soft light. It simply means the light…

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Raw Vs. JPEG | Karl Taylor Quickly Demonstrates & Explains Why You Should Be Shooting Raw

Karl Taylor weighs in on one of the leading debates, perhaps more important now than ever with the progress of JPEGs


Pacing a Fuji X-T2 | Shooting Dancers Through Rain & NYC City Grime With Omar Z. Robles

See how street photographer Omar Robles uses the FujiFilm XT2 to capture the juxtaposition of elegant ballerinas in the...


Guide To Tethered Shooting Using Capture One Pro

Tethered shooting allows you to connect your camera to your computer, the benefits of which are not to be...


Tips on Shooting with a Phone vs. DSLRs for Instagram

Building your brand and business requires a social presence, but you don't always need a DSLR for it.


3 Tips on Shooting Alongside Wedding Cinematographers | Ask SLR Lounge

Work alongside cinematographers to produce quality products worth your client's investment.


Wedding Photography Tips: 10 Things You Should Ask Your Clients Before Shooting Their Wedding

Communication makes everything go smoother and the more you communicate with your clients, the better you know how to...

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Wedding Photographer Tips: 8 Healthy Snacks To Pack For Long Shooting Days

Some people can go the entire length of the wedding day without eating; others must eat every few hours. These are some...

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Shooting Events With Unusual Gear And Working With What You Have

Most people would agree that for typical event work, there are a few workhorse pieces of gear that you can’t live...


Shooting Film Is The Last Word In Meditation | ‘The Sound Of Film’

So strange how a 1 minute film can conjure up so many feelings, and when it's about film, they're good ones.


Adventure Photographer Gives Tips on Shooting In Freezing Ice Caves, Glaciers

Action and adventure photographer Tim Kemple teamed up with SmugMug Films to take us on a breathtaking Icelandic...


Shooting Landscapes With Long Lenses (Even Kit Lenses)

This video will help to dispel the rookie thinking that landscapes but be shot on wide lenses. It's just not the case.


Shooting With Underwater Camera Housing | The Ikelite Gear Review

Greetings! Today, I’m going to talk about the Ikelite 5D Mark III Underwater Housing. This is one of the products...