Anyone can setup a camera and shoot video, just like anyone can press a button to take a picture. The key in both the video and photography industries is in your ability to tell a story with your chosen medium, something to set your work apart, to make it unique from what Joe shmoe pressing his button could do.


Unfortunately, just because you are a great photographer, and can tell a story in a frame, doesn’t mean that will translate well into a wedding or client video. Video really is a beast of its own, and while both mediums share some key pieces, a successful video is vastly different from a successful image.

The video below, How to Make a Mountain Bike Film from Filme von Draussen, is a great starting point for anyone looking to improve how they shoot and edit video. It is set around mountain bike movies, but the principals apply just as much to weddings as they do to mountain bikes. Take a look, you can thank me later…

Recap: 9 Steps To Creating A Compelling Video

  • Develop an idea, make a story board
  • Remember you are telling a story.
  • People want to see people.
  • Introduce your characters.
  • Show your character’s faces.
  • Show audience how your characters feel.
  • Use a tripod or other stabilization device.
  • Don’t zoom while recording unless absolutely necessary.
  • Learn the rule 3 x 3.

I really like the bit about showing your audience how your characters feel. In the case of a wedding video, this would be your bride and groom as well as -to a lesser extent- the guests. Show the brides reaction to various events, catch that glimmer in her eye as she tears up.

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One other thing that I want to add that is not mentioned in the video, having good music and being able to edit your video around that music is key. Without good music, and clean audio, any video is destined to fail, no matter how well thought out the story is. Check out this month’s The Music Bed artist feature of the Future of Forestry, highlighting 5 great songs for your wedding videos or cinematic presentations.


What else do you think goes into creating a compelling video? What was missed in this video? Leave a comment below!

via Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.