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9 Quick and Easy Wedding Poses

By Lindsey Chu on October 22nd 2015

Running out of poses in the middle of a session is something I’m sure many of us have stressed about. Whether you’re shooting an engagement session or doing a couple session at a wedding, keeping your poses fresh and fun on the spot can be tough to do. So, here are our 9 favorite techniques to help you with posing in a pinch!

Important Note: Our actual, complete posing framework is much more comprehensive and detailed. These are simply high-level overviews of some of our favorites. To understand our full posing framework, check out our Natural Light Couples Photography DVD.

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1. The V-Up

  • Have your couple touching at the hips
  • Keep their hands from laying flat by their sides
  • Consider having them hold hands
  • Consider having the male put his hand in his pocket
  • Consider having the female put her hand on her hip



2. Opened-Up

  • Open up their feet towards you
  • Separate their bodies to face the camera
  • Join their hands in the middle
  • Consider having them look at each other or at you


3. Closed-Up

  • Have your couple turn their bodies towards each other
  • Make sure there are no gaps between the bodies
  • Use this pose for a more intimate feel
  • Consider having the couple kiss



4. The Stacked Pose

  • Have the groom stand behind the bride
  • Keep his arms around her waist or wrapped across her chest
  • Have them look off into the distance or towards each other
  • Capture both their romantic interactions and location



5. The Swing

Evaluate the groom’s coordination and strength before attempting

  • Have your groom lift up your bride
  • Have the female lift one or two legs



6. The Dip

  • Position the groom to face the camera
  • Have him dip his bride to the side
  • Be sure the groom lunges down enough
  • Make sure his positioning doesn’t look like a squat



7. Staggered Couple

Position your couple with the bride in the front or vice versa. Switch your camera focus from the bride to the groom to get a more dynamic version of a typical couples portrait.



8. Meet in the Middle

  • Place your couple facing each other
  • Leave space between them
  • Have them bend at the hips
  • Meet in the middle with a kiss



9. The Walk

  • Get your couple to link arms or hold hands
  • Have them walk slowly towards you
  • Have them interact with each other (talk, laugh, etc.)
  • Focus on capturing candid and natural reactions
  • Repeat until you have a perfect expression and focus



Learn More

To learn more about posing, communication and engagement photography, be sure to check out our full workshop here.

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    Steve Urkel got married..mazal tov Steve!

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    Good info. here.

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  3. Paul Empson

    all good.. and we’ll explained.. keeping it fun and relaxed so they can enjoy each others presence without feeling overly posed..

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    great vid!

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  5. Colin Woods

    Point number 8 picture number one is superb, in the same league as the amazing “Thousand Lights” shot that went by in the photo critique section recently. Its shots like these that show that a real tog cannot be replaced by Auntie with her phone and Uncle with his DSLR and kit lens.

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