According to the latest rumors coming out of the Canon rumor mill, the Canon 7D replacement, as previously rumored, will in fact have the same all metal construction as the EOS-1 series cameras.

The new tidbit though, is that the camera WILL NOT feature WiFi. The explanation that the rumor sites are putting out there is that the all metal construction of the new body would make getting a WiFi signal out of the body unreliable.


I am not so sure I buy that as a legitimate excuse. Surely there was somewhere that a WiFi antenna could have been worked into the body to allow for this very basic modern feature. That said, I don’t know many action/sports pros who would make very much, if any, use of a WiFi feature and since that is obviously the target market with this camera, maybe Canon decided it wasn’t worth figuring out.

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Still, the lack of WiFi will disappoint a lot of people, myself included (I loved the WiFi on the 6D). That said, I doubt many people will pass on this camera just because of the lack of WiFi.

Also worth talking about, according to the report, the 7D replacement will NOT feature a touch screen LCD like its younger sibling, the Canon 70D. The rumor states that Canon opted for a more “durable” cover for the LCD, and that meant no touch screen. That is disappointing as well, considering that this camera is expected to have the latest in Dual Pixel AF technology. One of the best parts of using the 70D, in my opinion, was being able to touch the screen to set focus.


To me, the omission of a touch screen is much more disappointing than the lack of WiFi. Both, however, are minor things in the grand scheme of the camera, and neither omission would prevent me from buying said camera.

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What are your thoughts on this news about the 7D replacement? Do you think the omission of WiFi and a Touch Screen is a big deal? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]