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7D Mark II Video Test, How Does It Compare To 5D MkIII and 70D?

By Anthony Thurston on September 19th 2014

One of the big disappointments from Canon’s 7D Mark II announcement earlier this week was the appearance of fairly little in the way of video improvements or feature upgrades. Many have written off the 7D as a video camera, but how does it compare to Canon’s current crop of DSLRs like the 5D Mark III and 70D?


Gizmodo recently did a quick and dirty test between the three cameras. First, in just a basic scene, and then, in an ISO ramp up to see how the camera performed for video at high ISO. You can see the video for yourself below:

I watched this a few times now, and from what I can see, the 7D Mark II performs much better than the Canon 70D. In the opening scene shot, you can see moire in the 70D footage, but there is none in the 7D Mark II or Canon 5D Mark III footage. Sadly, it does not appear as though the sensor has much, if any, improvement in dynamic range over the 70D.

As far as ISO performance, the 7D Mark II looked pretty clean to me up through 6400, and then degraded pretty quickly, though still usable in a pinch, at 12800. The 70D however, was bad after 3200, so an improvement there as well. It will be interesting to see if those ISO improvement translate over well into the stills, as that will be a great update for the 7D Mark II over the original 7D, which was pretty poor over 1600 ISO (in my opinion).


What are your thoughts on this video comparison?  Does this change your opinion on the 7D Mark II announcement at all from a video perspective? Leave a comment below!

[via Gizmodo on vimeo]

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  1. Agus Elizalde

    The best point in 7D mkII video performance is it’s very good autofocus during video. Even in good ligth situations, maybe with long telephoto lenses and little depth of field, it’s almost imposible to do an acceptable manual AF trought the small LCD screen. The 7D mkII AF does it very good, incredibly good. In that aspect it’s nigth and day comparing to the 5D MkIII. This difference is, in my opinion, much more important than image quality when ligth conditions are good (and I’m not saying excellent, just good). I own both cameras and for video I prefer 7D mk II mostly.

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  2. Matthew Thomson

    Just a quick question.
    Which is best for upgrade from consumer level (550D) camera – 7DmkII – 5DmkII/III, for a longish term solution? I am hoping to expand into more ‘professional’ photography, focusing on editorial/fashion and some hobby landscape. I my current main camera is the Fuji X100s (I am currently long term traveling)

    Cheers for any help.

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  3. Braden Storrs

    Definitely a good ISO performance increase but man, still SO soft. I’ve done a lot of work with Canon DSLRs but every time I see the footage now the soft squishy H.264 codec just jumps out at me. They are more then capable of offering a clear clean signal but I guess they want us to spend tons more money then we need to to get that on their Cinema line. That and the lack of 4K is a bit disappointing. It’s not essential yet but it will be fairly soon. That missing feature doesn’t do much for the longevity of this camera being used for video. Now if I were a sports photographer then I’d be all over it. Excellent for that application.

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  4. Mark Iuzzolino

    It seemed like the 5dmkiii faired better at the higher ISO.

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    • Anthony Thurston

      Well, yeah, but would you really expect that to be different? That is the FF advantage, the important comparison here was with the 70D, in which case it shows some improvement, not a ton, but some.

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